About Outback International

Outback International is taking the Outback experience to the world. Since 2008, we have been receiving invitations to bring what God has given us to other countries. We began in Kenya, and then a few years later had the opportunity to go to India, and soon after to Poland.

In each of these countries we are assisting with the formation of Weekly Meetings similar to our groups in the States. These groups are the essence of Outback as men and women seek more of God in their lives and families. The overflow of these Weekly Meetings results in Weekend Events to reach out to their respective communities.

We are excited about all that the Lord is doing. Most recently we have added New Zealand to the list of countries holding Outback International events. Other countries that have expressed an interest include Canada, Thailand, Uganda, Dubai, Ukraine,Tanzania, Australia, Romania, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka.

For More Information:
Call 1-800-242-1224
Email [email protected]

Outback International Events

  • Bangalore, India: May 19-21, June 23-25
  • Kiev, Ukraine: May 26-28
  • Wisla, Poland: June 2-4, June 9-11, September 15-17
  • Nairobi,Kenya: June 16-18