About Outback America

Outback America is about building, restoring, & strengthening relationships.

The Weekend Events are full of outdoor activities, great music, and the unique opportunity to invest time with someone in your family in an undistracted environment. During the weekend, you will develop a deeper understanding of Life Purpose, Personal Values, Spiritual Priorities, and Parent/Child & Husband/Wife Relationships. Programs include Father/Son, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Mother/Daughter, and Husband/Wife. The minimum age for sons or daughters that attend with their parents is 13.

The weekly Men’s and Women’s Groups allow for continued growth alongside others in the community who have a shared desire to develop personally and spiritually. The men and women of these groups are the heart of Outback as they put on the Outback Events in their city.

Outback America Events

  • FEB 23-25 Palm Beach, FL
  • MAR 2-4 Mobile, AL
  • MAR 9-11 MOSJ Mobile, AL What is MOSJ?
  • MAR 16-18 San Diego, CA
  • MAR 23-25 Houston, TX
  • APR 13-15 Nashville, TN
  • APR 20-22 Tuscaloosa, AL
  • APR 27-29 Huntsville, AL

Dates coming soon.