I Heard and I Forgot.

I Saw and I Remembered.

I Did and I Understood.

About Us

As an outreach of JH Ranch, Outback shares the vision of seeing communities transformed one family at a time. We are only able to do this because of men and women around the world that desire to see the same transformation. We provide the framework, content, and support necessary to those who are interested in establishing Outback in their community. The local Outback groups are characterized by the Weekly Men’s Meetings (and Women’s Meetings in certain locations) as well by the Weekend Events.

At the Weekly Meetings, you will develop practical ways to strengthen your relationship with the Lord and with others in your community. We believe that one of the keys to transformation is transparency and you will be encouraged as you hear testimonies from others in the marketplace who share what the Lord is doing in their lives.

The Outback Weekend Events were developed so that guests could experience a version of JH Ranch within their own city. All of our Events are characterized by fun outdoor activities, great food, music, and the unique opportunity to invest time with someone in your family in an undistracted environment. During the weekend, you will develop a deeper understanding of Life Purpose, Personal Values, Spiritual Priorities, as well as practical ways to strengthen family relationships. Please explore our Registration page to find upcoming Events as this is a weekend that you and a family member will never forget.


In 1979, Gene Johnston purchased 300 acres in the beautiful mountains of Northern California. In doing so he fulfilled a promise he had made to the Lord as a young man, “If you provide the resources,” he told God, “I will invest them in a manner that will have eternal value.” Under the direction of his son, Bruce, JH Ranch opened in 1980 with a high school leadership program known as Second Wind and based on its success expanded the program offering over the years allowing family members to attend together.

Based on the impact the JH Ranch programs had on students and their families, Bruce began to envision a time when this life changing experience could be delivered into cities across America and beyond. This vision gave birth to Outback America. In Tuscaloosa, AL, a group of men that were impacted at JH Ranch formed a Weekly Meeting group to share what the Lord was doing in their lives. At Bruce’s encouragement, they began to pray about putting on a Weekend Event that would be a “mini-JH Ranch” experience for their community. In 2000, they put on their first Event. The initial framework of the Weekly Meetings and the Outback Events has continued to be refined and implemented in numerous cities across the United States and beyond.

Outback International was formed in 2008 as we began to receive invitations from foreign countries. Kenya was the first, followed a few years later by India and then Poland and we continue expanding into new countries. Similar to in the States, Outback partners with local men and women in these communities as they form Weekly Meetings and as they prepare and put on the Weekend Events.

Outback University started in 2009 as a freshman at the University of Alabama expressed his desire to see Outback Events geared specifically for college students. The first Event occurred that Spring and has expanded every year. We are excited as students at Auburn University hosted their first Event in 2014 and Texas A&M hosted their first one in the Spring of 2015.

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